The advantages of experiential marketing, and what UNEEK has to offer you

Experiential marketing across the promo and events sector has increased dramatically in recent years and now forms an important cornerstone of field marketing’s economic performance. Research conducted into the subject has shown that around 41% of shoppers that are exposed to experiential marketing are more likely to go on to buy something in-store, bringing vital revenue for retailers and bigger businesses. Also, it brings a net worth to the UK economy of £230m every year, according to a report from the Institute of Promotional Marketing.

Experiential marketing comes in many shapes and sizes. There is no one-way to sell or spin a product, and there are a number of events that this can be done at. A variety of businesses engage in experiential marketing to get their message out there. They include not only department store brands such as beauty stands and clothing ranges, but also now DIY stores and garden stores are bursting onto the stage. Food and drinks businesses have always formed part of this industry too, as promo staff at these events can promote products directly to the consumer.

There are two benefits that experiential marketing can bring you, so here’s why its so successful:

1) The main reason that experiential marketing is so successful is due to the fact that product awareness can be vastly increased with it. The more you’ve got articulate and well-presented people out there selling your product, the more success and awareness you are likely to have.

2) Secondly, having a charismatic and enthusiastic team that can sell your product to the public can give you a cutting edge over other business and products, meaning that if you have the right staff – you have the edge over others. If they offer the right advice and sell your product to the consumer in the right way, experiential marketing can be a real benefit to you.

How Uneek Staffing can help you:

Uneek Staffing provide promo and events staffing solutions to organisations and businesses across the UK. Our staff are undoubtedly a real ‘HIT’ with your business, giving lasting experiences on the experiential marketing front and ensuring that consumer engagement is at the forefront of what they do. We match our UNEEK personalities to your brand, so that recruitment-wise, the staff fit your business.

Contact us to see what our staff can do for you!

Contact us to further discuss your needs how UNEEK Staffing can reach your key audience by Email or Phone 0191 6911332. Or alternatively visit UNEEK Staffing’s Website

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