5 steps to success in hospitality

Hospitality is now one of the leading and fastest-growing parts of the UK economy. It is the 3rd biggest economic sector that the UK has to boast, with around 3.2 million jobs dependent on its success. These jobs can be found in a number of industries, each with their own uniqueness and required skills. These include; bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, travel agents, leisure centres and so much more.

So, what are the advantages of getting in? Well, it's convenient for students or part-timers, and seasonal workers. Plus, the sector is successful and growing.

So, for those of you eager to get started in the hospitality industry, we’ve drafted together a few tips to help you along the way...

1) Stay customer-orientated: Always make sure that you are tending to the customer. Don’t ever feel that you know better than them, you don’t. Deal with complaints, and make sure that consumers have an experience that they can remember.

2) Strive to perfection: Attention to detail in the hospitality sector will always take you far. Whether that be making beds properly, making sure that the hospitality environment is clean, or presenting yourself well, the consumer will always take note. Always see the experience from the other side and correct any imperfections quickly!

3) Be flexible: This can be in more than one sense. Yes, hospitality can sometimes be seasonal and so work can always at times be unpredictable and short-term – that is the nature of the beast. But also ensure that you are able to deal with queries, complaints or accidents quickly and know what to do when these things happen.

4) Become a team player: No, you aren’t going to be friends with everyone on your team. But you depend on their success, and they depend on yours. Ensure that you have a good working relationship with your colleagues, and if they’re stuck – help them out and they’ll help you.

5) Communicate: I cannot stress this enough. As eluded to earlier, communication is key – between work colleagues and importantly on the consumer. Your friendly manner, calm problem-solving skills and general helpfulness will create the memorable experience that the consumer desires.

So, what is UNEEK’s offer? Well, our offer is simple. We offer well-presented, friendly and professional hospitality staff to your business so that they can create memorable and lasting client experiences. We can suit your company requirements and ensure peace of mind, as we provide insurance without any extra add-on costs. Thus, UNEEK are quality, convenient and competent.

Contact us to further discuss your needs how UNEEK Staffing can reach your key audience by Email hello@uneekstaffing.co.uk or Phone 0191 6911332. Or alternatively visit UNEEK Staffing’s Website www.uneekstaffing.co.uk

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