What automotive manufacturers look for in their exhibition staff

It is common knowledge that at car shows and exhibitions, having a motivated and friendly-faced team of staff really does help increase sales and drive up consumer interest. All of the evidence suggests that having dedicated and helpful team of staff can generate both consumer interest and satisfaction in your company.

Here at Uneek staffing, all of our exhibition staff are well-briefed to ensure that before they venture out to engage with the public, that they know what they are selling and have a good understanding of your business and its aims. This alone enables you to build those lasting relationships with the consumer that, in the car industry, can be extremely important. Also, all Uneek staff will have the necessary qualifications and attributes to enable you to enagage with the public to drive up sales and ultimately increase your market share.

Surveys conducted on consumers have shown that, with the automotive industry, consumers favour staff that are of a high quality, that are polite, that give them good value and have an extensive knowledge of what they can offer the consumer, and can explain company processes and policies to them clearly and effectively. As Uneek brief staff and ensure that they are properly trained in their field, our staff can offer these attributes to prospective clients.

Within these surveys, it is clear that budget brands tend to perform better particularly in offering the consumer value for money and accurately explaining any add-ons or absence thereof. These brands often boast an overall customer satisfaction rating of 80% to 90%, showing that exhibition staff are at their best in this industry when they are offering clear, pleasant and concise advice to the consumer.

The power of exhibition staff to generate sales and consumer satisfaction in this industry is made all the more important given the size of the automotive sector both regionally and across the country. Nationwide, the automotive sector is worth aroundn £82bn to the UK economy; producing 1.5 million cars and employing over 823,000 people in its plants, showrooms and supply chains. Regionally, the North East boasts car sales worth around £11 billion. Around 30,000 people are employed in the sector, generating exports worth £6.5 billion annually.

At UNEEK Staffing, we provide only premium staff to meet your needs. This is done through carefully hand picking our staff for each event, ensuring that only those staff which match with the brand’s personality are chosen. Therefore, we are able to meet the criteria to create a

positive customer experience and help your business out.

Contact us to further discuss your needs how UNEEK Staffing can reach your key audience by Email hello@uneekstaffing.co.uk or Phone 0191 6911332. Or alternatively visit UNEEK Staffing’s Website www.uneekstaffing.co.uk

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