The Benefits of Experiential Marketing for Brands

Experiential marketing focuses on how customers can experience a brand and is perceived by customers to be more visually appealing; this can project the brand further than the average marketing campaign with customers more likely to retain their attention. Marketers are increasingly using experiential marketing as brands are struggling to draw customers’ attention and draw in long-term sales. With them increasingly using experiential marketing alongside a traditional campaign or to stand out at an exhibition. Experiential marketing overcomes this as it allows for the customers to gain a long-lasting impression of the company, as an interactive event is more memorable than a traditional advert which a customer sees several times in a day. Campaigns to demonstrate experiential marketing can include sampling and demonstrations of the product, exhibitions, as well as partnerships between brands.

Experiential marketing can benefit businesses as it adds a personality to the brand through engaging with customers, this gives the brand a unique selling point used to differentiate against competitors. Further, it can also increase sales due to experiential brand experience being the most powerful form of word-of-mouth with it driving 50 to 80% of sales in any product category. Therefore, it is crucial businesses take advantage of experiential marketing as it can have huge benefits to brand recognition. Experiential marketing is also be a good way to gain feedback on a new product launch, as interacting with customers face to face is a great way to attain feedback compared to asking them to return an online survey which is less stimulating. Businesses can also increasingly engage with customers using online campaigns and hashtags, which make customers of a certain product feel they are part of an online community and encourage them to interact with the business and maintain purchasing the product.

However, if the campaign is not creative and aimed at the target market it will not ‘stand out’ in the crowded market and fail at attracting any customers. Further, if the staff used at events showcasing the experiential goods, such as headsets, do not have the same interests in the product as the customer it will cause a disconnect and only leave negative associations in the customers’ mind.

At UNEEK Staffing, we provide only premium staff to meet your needs. This is done through carefully hand picking our staff for each event, ensuring that only those staff which match with the brand’s personality are chosen. Therefore, ensuring that the product can gain the full exposure needed at exhibitions and increase sales.

Contact us to further discuss your needs how UNEEK Staffing can reach your key audience by Email or Phone 0191 6911332. Or alternatively visit UNEEK Staffing’s Website

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