How Leafleting Benefits Businesses

Leafleting lets people within the local area know about a business’ product offering. It enables them to target specific demographics in a certain area, compared to digital marketing where only a limited amount of people sees the advert. It is a good method of marketing for local businesses, with 72% of respondents taking some form of action from receiving a leaflet through their door and 48% of customers visiting a shop or finding out additional information about a company through their leaflet they received.

Leafleting offers many benefits through being simple and affordable, with it being much cheaper to have leaflets produced than the thousands which is put on digital ad to run a month. It also allows for a lot of information about the product to be placed on the leaflet, making it more likely for a consumer to purchase as they will know more about the product. By adding a coupon onto the leaflet allows for businesses to track the response they have received from the product, with the number of redemption's being the number of individuals that have purchased their product.

However, for leafleting to be successful they need to be of high quality, otherwise they will signal that the business has a poor brand reputation. If the leaflets are part of a campaign held on a street, these employees need to have the confidence to approach people, keep them engaged, and be able to work outside in all weather conditions. The staff must also be able to be trusted to ensure that that the leaflets reach the target market. These employees are crucial as they will determine who will receive the leaflet and can affect how the brand is portrayed in customers’ minds.

At UNEEK Staffing, we provide only premium staff to meet your needs. This is done through carefully hand picking our staff for each event, ensuring that only those staff which match with the brand’s personality are chosen. Therefore, ensuring that the product can gain the full exposure needed and increase sales.

Contact us to further discuss your needs how UNEEK Staffing can reach your key audience by Email or Phone 0191 6911332. Or alternatively visit UNEEK Staffing’s Website

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