How Product Sampling Strengthens Brand Loyalty

Product sampling allows customers to experience a brand’s product without having to purchase it. This allows customers a chance to realise the benefits of the product, increasing the likelihood of them purchasing it if they can see how the product will benefit them instead of being told how it will.

Product sampling has many benefits as it draws customers into the brand, with 81% saying they walked up to a company’s display because they wanted a product sample or other free giveaway, and 73% saying they were more likely to purchase a product after trying it. This idea of free products also encourages customers who had no intention of purchasing the product, due to the product being placed more in customers vision as opposed to sitting on a shelf and not drawing attention to the product. Sampling also creates positive associations with the brand, with customers perceiving the brand as providing a free product as them ‘doing the customer a favour’. If customers like the product and have the memory of trying the product in an environment in which they felt good and received high customer service, a positive association will form. This increases brand loyalty as customers are more likely to purchase a product which they like and have positive associations with the brand.

However, for product sampling to be effective the staff which are providing the sample must have extensive knowledge about the product. Otherwise customers will see the lack of enthusiasm that staff have about the product preventing them from purchasing. Product sampling staff need to also be able to attract the right customers for the product and present the samples to them for the biggest impact.

At UNEEK Staffing, we provide only premium staff to meet your needs. This is done through carefully hand picking our staff for each event, ensuring that only those staff which match with the brand’s personality are chosen. Therefore, ensuring that the product can gain the full exposure needed at exhibitions and increase sales.

Contact us to further discuss your needs how UNEEK Staffing can reach your key audience by Email or Phone 0191 6911332. Or alternatively visit UNEEK Staffing’s Website

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