How In-store demonstrations can benefit your company

In-store demonstrations are on of the most effective ways that companies can promote their goods their customers. It is clear to see the success of In-store demonstrations as a form of marketing as it would be difficult to walk in to a large supermarket or department store today and not see some form of item available to sample, this ranges from chances to sample foods and wines to trying out new technology such as phones or virtual reality headsets.

One of the greatest strengths on In-store demonstrations is that it is clearly the strongest trial and purchase marketing strategy available. Although companies try other forms of in-store marketing such as In-store displays or price promotions, they both fail to provide giving the customers a chance to experience the product and make their mind up on it. Giving customers a chance to try something new is more effective than giving a minor discount on a product that customers are not sure whether they would be satisfied with. Research shows that more than 90% of customers would rather be given in-store samples than a small coupon. The figures of in-store demonstrations in the food industry highlight its success. Around 70 % of shoppers will try an In-store sample, and as a result 37% will buy the item once they have sampled it.

When compared with other forms of sampling and demonstrations such as home sampling, the greatest advantage that in-store demonstrations have is that, the demonstration or sampling is taking place at the same place that the customer can make the purchase. This could impact customers decisions on whether to buy the product demonstrated, factors such as the way staff present the product and the environment that the product is demonstrated in such as a shopping center makes a purchase more likely than having a sample posted to the customers house where they may not be looking to purchase anything at that time.

Even if customers leave without buying your product, they will at least have had the experience of trying it and that is something that will stick with them. They may remember in the future how the product made them feel or how it tasted which could lead to a purchase in the future. This is why it is so important to have the right staff for your product allowing you to give customers this memorable experience.

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