The recipe for success: How to create memorable event experience using 4 I’s Strategy?

It goes without saying that today’s market creates competitive environment for the events industry. The challenge to keep attendees engaged at events has never been greater. Decreasing attention spans, intensified vendor competition, and heightened attendee demands to be wowed are putting the pressure on event planners. It can be hard to be original and inspiring, but there are plenty of ways of making your event most exciting and memorable for any audience!

Catrinel Bartolomeu in his article identified ‘’4 I’s of Impactful Events’’ that are key to making your events successful and memorable: inclusivity, immersiveness, intimacy, and inspiration. By focusing on each of these you’ll produce an experience that will effectively relays your brand message to your audience!


In today’s age involvement and personalization is a holy grail! Especially at live events, audience wants to feel both physically and psychologically included. Active engagement has a big impact on forming memorable experiences. People actually prefer personalized experiences when dealing with brands, which means that they want to feel like your event is tailored to them, not something that is generic or forced. They want to feel like their needs are being met and like they have something to do while they’re there.

You should encourage attendees to explore their creative thinking and actively participate during the event. This will help them explore engagement and form stronger memories. Some other strategies for actively including attendees are: taking polls, fun games with prizes, hosting a contest with designed hashtag.


A powerful event is the one that transport your audience out of their daily routines or create a physical reality or existential realm that feels completely new. The immersion could be achieved at many different levels and in various ways. Over the years, countless studies have proven sensory stimulation plays a large part in memory formulation and association.

A recent survey by London & Partners and CWT Meetings & Events found that 78% of event professionals believe that events appealing to multiple senses deliver a more memorable and creative experience for delegates and audiences. Thus, by harnessing the power of senses you can captivate your attendees and create more impactful experience. By manipulating lighting or scenery to make the space feel different, matching menu to your message or using themed scents you can significantly enhance people’s experience.

Immersiveness makes the even more memorable and powerful because it offers an experience that is different from a participant’s everyday routine. Catrinel Bartolomeu notice that it also helps remove distractions, which reduces the chance that attendees’ attention can be drawn away from the activities at hand and your central message.


It could be hard to make a live event feel engaging by focusing on facts alone. Instead, you should allow people to connect with other by facilitating moments of human connection. This will help attendees feel a personal tie to your brand and build loyalty. To foster intimacy at your live event, plan activities that are simply for socialization, or those that require interaction between small groups of attendees. For example, dividing attendees into groups and giving small tasks, issue to discuss and exchange opinions can foster a sense of community and understanding. To ensure the attendees get the most out of event experience you can also involve brand ambassadors that will add a human element to your brand and keep your gusts engaged in activities and conversation.


If you want your event and brand to be remembered, you have to appeal to people’s emotions. Recent studies have shown that emotions have a significant impact on attention, encoding, and information retrieval. That is why you should focus on creating an event that’s inspiring, not just informative. There are many ways you can build emotions and make lasting impact on your guests.

An example of that would be hosting contests, hiring in keynote speakers who specialize in delivering emotional messages or including video testimonials from customers who can offer first-hand stories. You can also awaken people’s emotions through storytelling and wrapping the event in a story. As Bulencea explains, "In every story there is a call to adventure. Something happens that disrupts your day to day." That’s why events with a specific narrative are the ones that create impactful and memorable experiences.

At the end of the day, if you want your event to succeed, you need it to make an impactful impression on the people who are there and ensure that the experience you created lingers once people leave. If you focus on producing live events that are enjoyable, personalized and memorable you can ensure that people will remember your brand long after they’ve left the event space.

Put your ideas to work!

Running an impactful and memorable event is not as difficult as it may seem. The only thing you need to do is to be aware of how your event design will influence attendees’ feelings and get the right people to help you create the impactful experience! Need some help?

UNEEK staffing provide premium promotional and event staffing solutions across the UK, supplying hand-picked experienced staff that look great with personalities perfectly matched to your brand, creating awareness and demand.

Whether you require staff for small scale single event to a multi-location nationwide campaign we’ve got it covered. We are committed to positively representing your brand and conveying its values.

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