TOP 5 Reasons Why your Business needs a Brand Ambassador

Joe Tripodi, the Chief Marketing Officer of the Coca-Cola company once said, “Awareness is fine, but Advocacy will take your business to the next level.”. In the today’s competitive market filled with infinite brands all trying to shout louder than the other, it makes sense that the brand with more voices will achieve more sales. As competition grows fiercer, brand ambassadors are a secret weapon used by many successful companies. The right people, saying the right things, in the right places, can be a great way for any brand to earn a huge number of loyal, happy customers!

Who is a Brand Ambassador?

In the marketing world the term “brand ambassador” is used to refer to a person who endorse the products and services of the company as well as embody the corporate identity in appearance, values, and voice. To put it simply, brand ambassadors is somebody who represents and talks about your company is a positive way, someone who promotes a brand to people to boost brand awareness and revenue.

Why does using brand ambassadors work?

There are many reasons why using the brand ambassador adds value to your business. Here are the TOP 5 reasons to why we think having a brand ambassador is invaluable to your company success:

1. Brands Ambassadors humanize your product

According to the Revolution Survey only 14% of consumers trust advertisements. Although organizations traditionally brand themselves through logos, symbols broadcast or online media, brand ambassadors offer much more. Ambassadors are emotionally engaged with your company’s brand promise and they can help translate and promote the brand. It is in the nature of their personalities to want to share information, solve problems and help others. People like interacting and buying from other people more than just a huge faceless brand. If you can positively engage someone with your brand, they could be your greatest marketing communications tool and sales person in your arsenal!

2. Word of mouth advertising is powerful

After all, one of the most powerful tools in marketing is still word of mouth!

Overwhelmingly, most word of mouth is conversation is positive in nature and what is more, positive WOM is more credible than negative chatter. Brand Ambassadors get involved in conversations on behalf of your brand, sharing their positive experiences with the world, and encouraging new customers to seek you out!

3. Demand for product knowledge and excellence in customer care is greater than ever before

Today, it’s not enough to equip salespeople with sheets of marketing collateral, or the communications team with a wallet-sized card of key messages. Company representatives need to understand what their brand represents, what their company stands for, and what makes it different from every other company.

4. Tailored approach

Consumer scepticism is growing. Because of the fragmentation of media paid forms of advertising no longer reach as many people as it did in the past. What is more, in recent years, research has found that consumers are becoming turned off with repetitive above the line marketing solutions. One of the main advantages of face-to-face marketing strategies is having the ability to tailor interactions and provide a truly unique and personalised experience. Brand ambassadors are trained to adapt their ways of interacting depending on the consumer, allowing the firm to offer client’s a highly tailored approach.

5. Building brand loyalty

In the highly competitive business world, the ability to build a loyal customer base is the holy grail. The fact that your brand is taking the time to reach out to the public and connect makes a huge impact on the consumer. It shows that you value the personal connection that comes using the from face-to-face marketing! Brand ambassadors are a way for a brand to make a real, genuine connection with their audience. A bond made during face-to-face marketing with one person may be worth more than 100 Twitter follower!

UNEEK brand ambassadors can positively represent your brand and its core values whilst being professional and engaging, convey key messages to consumers, creating deeper more memorable lasting relationships with your key audience.

Our super passionate team are ready to help you to achieve something amazing with their enthusiastic and can-do attitudes. We match UNEEK personalities to brands to ensure the perfect match for every event. Contact UNEEK Staffing at today to find how UNEEK staff can help you reach your key audience and what it can do for you!

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