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Profitable Profile: How to have the best Uneek profile to earn money

When you sign up to join Uneek Staffing, creating a great profile is important before you receive news about any jobs that are available. The profile is you in a nutshell. It is what tell us and clients about who you are. This step by step guide will explain how to make sure your profile stand out and secure work.

1. Click on the ‘Register’ tab on the website and fill in your basic details:

2. Log into your email and click on the link to confirm your account:

3. Enter mobile phone details for contact purposes:

4. Enter your gender and birthday for identification purposes:

5. Choose six skills from the list that is relevant to your profile:

Examples of the skills that would be relevant to your profile can be seen above. However, the list isn’t limited to these, choose others that are included in the selection list. If there are skills that you want to enter but aren’t included here, you will get a chance to mention it in your profile description coming up!

6. Enter your preferred hourly rate here:

As Uneek Staffing pays an industry-leading rate and you will always know the pay prior to accepting the work so this information won’t be particularly relevant to your profile.

7. Upload pictures for your profile:

This is the stage where many profiles fail and mess up but is one of the most straightforward parts of the application process. We want to be able to see you, rather than a car or a picture of your dog (as much as we love an adorable puppy!). It is the perfect opportunity to show your personality.

See our Checklist below to make sure you have great pictures on your profile:

  • Make the principal profile picture of only you.

  • Have a picture that is not low quality or grainy.

  • Be wary of the background and what is in the back of the picture.

  • Upload pics that highlight your personality – be smiley, creative and have fun!

  • If you have photos of you working on campaigns – these are great.

  • We recommend a head shot, full length shot and some of you working on activities.

8. Enter your address so you can be sent opportunities close to you:

9. Fill in requirement details:

This information allows us to include requirement details to check eligibility for particular jobs, for example, for distance or pass sizes onto clients if uniform is required on a particular job.

10. Once that is complete, your profile will be created. However, to make sure your profile is first class, you will need to add a few more details on the headline and description sections of the profile page:

The headline is the main feature that will be seen on your profile. You should include a sentence on your main strength/s, for example three qualities that would make you stand out, or even a short summary of a relevant achievement that you have done. Capture our attention!

The description is where you will elaborate on your headline. It is where you can communicate to the agency and clients who you are, what you do and why you enjoy doing it. See below for a Checklist on how to have a stand-out profile description:

  • Be yourself, be genuine.

  • Write the way you talk, we want to know your personality!

  • Include your experience and achievements.

  • It’s great to tell us about yourself but do keep it to about 500 words as this makes what you say more effective.

There is an option to submit a CV/resume on the website, however, this isn’t a necessity as the headline and description should cover this completely.



Once you’ve finished these, your profile will be submitted to our agency. It will be followed by a phone call and subsequent casting day to confirm for the agency that you are fit for the events that the clients hire for and we are a fit for you too.

We look forward to seeing your perfect and profitable profile soon!

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