Do You Data Capture?

By implementing a data capture system into your business, it can improve the way you find, receive and administer information about your customers, clients and potential prospects. A well executed plan will allow you to understand any issues, expectations or desires your customers do have. Therefore creating a more close and considerate relationship

Be specific:

Identify what information you need, to meet your objectives. At first it can be very easy to take all the information that you can because it’s available. However try not to fall into the trap of wasting time or being greedy. If there’s not a use or need for data don't collect it yet. Plan what you need, what is most important and what is most necessary to enhance your overall outcome.

Use your resources:

Don’t, waste what’s already yours, there next step could already be in front of you. If your IT system or CRM already has relevant data then use it. Don’t waste time on gathering information if you’ve already previously collected it.

Don’t miss out:

Review how you contact your customers. Take a closer look to see where there may be opportunities to check and confirm customer details and perhaps add more depth. If you send out any enquiries you could for example include a request for a mobile phone number and email address if thats something that you feel like you could advertise through or get more responses from. Work fast:

It makes sense to use that the data you collect at the point of collection, rather than attempting to use it later. Meaning analysing the data as soon as it is collected and making decisions based on this now. Data can easily change so rapidly, acting as quick as possible, will create most impact.

Is there consent?

One of the most important things to remember is requesting and whilst using your customer’s information is consent. You must clearly state that you will not use or resell their details for anything other than what you’ve stated. Being honest about how you will use data, will create a much more trusting relationship with brands. Also, tell them how often you’re going to use their data, as sometimes, overloading them with too much can sometimes make them opt out or not want to be involved in data capturing in the future.

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