Why the best type of marketing is experiential marketing.

Brand experience is conceptualised as sensations, feelings, cognitions and behavioural responses.

Experiential marketing is fun, memorable and a great way of launching a new brand or product.

Experiential marketing will soon be, the biggest metric measure of quality when first creating a relationship with a brand. Established brands are now realising that the way to make a product or service excel is this upcoming society is to understand what a consumer wants by being authentic enough to emerge their customers into an experience rather than just highlighting what their product is. If brands want to remain relevant in the next year even, they will need to embrace new ways to engage consumers. These are some ways how:

Stimulate Interest:

Using live production enhances the quality of an average sales presentation. The hands on approach creates added value, which sparks more than just a quick glance at the product. Interactions with how to use a product, how it is suitable for the customer, or how a service works or is delivered is going to come across much more professional and informative. Especially if the product or service has a unique selling point or have features that need a little more explaining.

Consumer culture:

Some customers do like to know what they are buying, how to work it and what it stands for. If there were any issues this combats any disbelief that the product or service actually works. Sometimes customers have an automatic sense of judgement about sales staff when promoting or demonstrating what a product can do. When really, what they are in fact are doing, are allowing potential customers to experience first-hand what a serviced or product is all about. Experiential staff are a valuable part of the customer’s involvement as a whole as they are able to let the customer create their own impressions of the quality themselves, whilst assisting if needs be.

Eliminate concerns:

Products and services can sometimes be interpreted in a certain way, often creating false hope or preconceived assumptions. Likewise, opinions formed from ‘word of mouth’ can also give out certain impressions. Therefore, if potential prospects are doubting your claims about quality or performance level, a demonstration could be a suitable way to settle any concerns.

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