Experiential Marketing is one for the best ways to create ‘feel good’ experiences and connect consumers and perspectives to brands.

Fern Snailham, Founder of Uneek Staffing a promotional and event staffing agency, providing promotional and event staff hire for all sectors UK wide. Fern Snailham | Uneek Staffing | 0191 6911332 | fern@uneekstaffing.co.uk

Experiential Marketing is a form of advertising that concentrates on connecting consumers to brands through live experiences. It is important to create that ‘feel good’ feeling at events, promotions and live marketing campaigns in order to be memorable.

Whether this is a road show, a product demonstration, sampling or exhibition its all about creating a positive association between the consumer and the brand.

The Route To Success.

Target the right audience at the right time in the right way - this works for B2B to!

Make it valuable to the consumer, find a way to allow them to interact or engage with your brand, product or a service that benefits them.

It’s All About Results.

Experiential marketing can be used to reach a whole load of objectives and goals; Brand awareness, sales uplift, brand loyalty, increasing knowledge, building relationships, guide preferences, creating a positive perception and more!

Find out what experiential marketing can do for you at www.uneekstaffing.co.uk

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